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    I would hate to get a huge bill my first month because I'm using voice minutes instead of data bytes?!?!?!?!

    When I connect to wap or email, I get the symbol for dial-up (CSD) connection (the two small arrows pointing left and right). Page 135 of the manual shows the different symbols for csd and gprs, etc.

    I have the network connection configured for gprs. Are the symbols accurate? Does everyone get the csd symbol or the gprs symbol when connected.

    Curiously, the csd symbol I get does not go away when I leave the browser or email app. I have to turn off the wireless mode to kill the symbol.

    I'm using the Treo on the Cincinnati Bell wireless network, which is compatible with AT&T' system.

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    One thing about Palm OS, it won't coonect to a service you haven't programmed. My Treo 600 has three connections, Tzones, T-Mobile Internet and T-Mobile VPN. None of these are CSD. A good way to ensure you are using CSD.... make a call! You can use dialup and call at the same time. Also, in Prefs/network, set the GPRS service you use, and it will be the default.
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    The list of symbols in the manual is wrong. They accurately describe the different symbols on the older Treo's.

    With the T600 two BLACK arrows indicate a current CSD connection.

    Two GREEN arrows indicate an active GPRS connection.

    A BLACK triangle indicates that a GPRS network is available but you are not currently connected.
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    OK, my arrows are green, good! Thanks for your help!

    I tried to make a call - it seems to suspend any activity on the that what I should expect?

    I never see the black triangle that says gprs is available

    Will the green arrows stay on indefinitely?

    Thanks again....this is a great forum...I hope I can contribute some.

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