I'd love to hear reports from any Treo 600 users who have switched service from Cingular to T-Mobile. I've read thru the threads on how you can get "free" internet access on T-Mobile. It is very expensive w Cingular. I had the 1MB for $6.99 plan on my T180 and it seemed like I was able to use more than 1MB and not get charged for it. Now that I've got the T600, I'm using the web a lot more and Cingular seems better at tracking my usage. Halfway thru the month, my data bill is approx $35 (on top of the $50 I pay for voice).

Does streaming audio/video work via the "free" T-Mobile web access? Any problems in getting the phone/web to work with a phone that is supposedly optimized for Cingular? (Though mine doesn't have any Cingular branding on it.) Any other problems? Did you get to meet Catherine Zeta-Jones?

Any problems keeping the same phone number? How much does that add to your bill?

My company pays my cell phone bill, but I know they won't pay the $75 that Cingular wants for unlimited web access on top of the regular phone bill, and I'm afraid to use the web now because I don't want to have to explain a high phone bill. After reading about people getting streaming audio/video on Pocket Tunes, my one goal in life is to try it - but I don't want to lose my job over it!

There's a lot posted here on T-Mobile, but not much detail on Cingular - is that just because everyone has switched to T-Mo? Am I the only sucker left?

Or, are there any secrets to keeping your Cingular bill low while using the web? I'd be interested in that, too.