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    I assume you all have seen the new banner ad on Treocentral for the Sprint Treo 600 - $399 plus free cradle, case, and charger. Of course, the catch is that you must order before Christmas to get this deal.
    I hate to dump T-Mobile in favor of Sprint, but I'm finding fewer and fewer reasons to not make the switch. The only real downside that I can see is the reduced battery-life in the CDMA version vs. the GSM version. It's tough to ignore the cheaper price on the unit due to promotions, the faster data speed, etc. Damn it T-Mobile! Hurry up so I don't have to make this decision!
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    Rumors around here are now saying that you'd be waiting until early next year for the T-Mo version, so if you want it by Christmas then you don't have much choice here.

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