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    apple ipod = heap of overpriced trash for people with too much money and too little technical knowledge.
    Click, enough said, hah
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    To those who thinks ipod is overpriced and is for people who have little technical knowledge.......

    All I have to say is look in the mirror. People who say such a thing are people who are ignorant and have so little technical knowlege that they can't tell the difference between a well built mp3 player from a cheap AM/FM radios.

    There are millions of ipod users out there - are you saying they are all idiots with little technical knowlege??? The fact that ipod and iTune have won so many awards, speaks volume on its technical achievements. People who bad mouth the ipod are sour grapes because they bought one of those "cheap" device and they are regreting it big time!!!!

    Apple will be releasing a low end ipod in a few days. Soon no one will be able to complain about the cost!!

    I rest my case!!!
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