Understand, this is nothing but raw guesswork, based on my recent experiences with Tmo and the Color Sidekick. The device manufacturer had sworn we'd all get an OTA (over the air) 2-part upgrade, for firmware (boost the radio) and software, within a certain timeframe. Date came and went . . . again . . .and again. When it finally materialized, the software changes to the device itself were minor. Turns out, the big software whoozit centered on a new "Catalog" feature. A Tmo creation, with ringtones, etc. You basically connect to a specific new Tmo area, where you'd find a catalog of offerings for the device. The first group of offerings = freebies. But the $$$ apps and ringtones are expected in the very near future. All indications are that some of that will involve java apps. (Poking around Handango also unearthed an group of available OTA apps, but each seems to be device-specific.)

Given Tmo's profoundly consumer-friendly data pricing, makes sense to me that they'd look to make its bucks somewhere. Since the rumor during the Sidekick delays focused on "syncing hassles", as is the case here, perhaps that's pretty much what's going on in the background. That would explain why the current Cingular unlocked versions don't stumble on Tmo's network. In other words, it ain't about what is, so much as setting the (software/syncing) stage for "goodies" to come.

Unlike the Sidekick and its closed device, the T600 is open to all sorts of PalmOS app additions, without Tmo in the picture. So, whatever they offer would have to be dead-on and fairly easy and unique, to pull/sustain customer interest.

On the other hand, who the he** knows . . . .