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    I've been all over the place trying to find good information about this topic. Basically, I am about to convert over to Cingular Wireless from Verizon and have to give-up my Kyocera 6035 SmartPhone (Palm/PDA/phone). I've been surfing through E-Bay looking for a cheap Treo 270 and see a lot of them for sale that have previously been used on the T-Mobil network (or some Treo 270s where they were sold by T-Mobil but never activated/used).

    Some of the reading I've done, through these discussion threads, seems to indicate that you could buy a T-Mobil labelled Treo 270 and use it on the Cingular network if you call T-Mobil and give them the Treo 270 radio ID and SIM ID and then ask for the unlock code. Once you "unlock the phone" you can then slip the SIM card from your "free" Cingular Wireless phone (you know, the ones they give away with a 2-year service contract) into the Treo 270 and it should work.

    This all sounds real good, and logical too, but has anyone actually done this? The reason that I am asking is that there are not many Cingular-Treo 270s for sale on E-Bay as there are T-Mobil Treo 270s so it would be a lot easier for me to get a good deal on a T-Mobil Treo 270 and then convert it over for use on the Cingular network. Here are my main concerns:

    1. I blow the money on a T-Mobil Treo 270 off of E-Bay, call T-Mobil with the data off of the phone and the SIM that they require and then be told that I am not the original owner of the phone so therefore they cannot give me the unlock code for it.

    2. The T-Mobil Treo 270 will not accept the brand new SIM card from my "free" Cingular wireless phone (probably a Nokia).

    I decided on Cingular due to the Roll-Over feature which my wife and I need based on our current Verizon usage. Also, I have to get a deal on a Treo-270 from E-Bay or some other understanding soul out there since I work on an Army salary and am supporting a wife and two kids (so blowing $200-$300 for a brand new Treo just isn't possible for me).

    If anyone has any experience with this please post it here. If you upgraded to a Treo 600 and have a very good to excellent condition Treo 270 that you'd like to unload, and can accept what I can pay, great.

    Any and all help is very much appreciated!

    Thank you!

    Chris R. (Treo 270 wannabe)
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    Heh, I have a not so good condition T-Mo 270 I'd love to sell you. It's definitely unlocked, and would work with your Cingular SIM...but like I said, it's not in good condition...

    I got my 270 directly from Handspring...before T-Mobile was actually selling the units. It does not have a T-Mo logo on it. My understanding is that all 270's purchased for use on T-Mobile from Handspring, prior to T-Mobile's actual support and sale of the 270, are unlocked. These are the units you'd want, as there would be no issues with inserting a Cingular SIM into them.

    And I'm not 100% sure, but I believe any 270's purchased directly from T-Mobile, or from Handspring after T-Mobile started carrying them bear the T-Mo logo, and are locked to T-Mo. You can call T-Mo and ask for the unlock code... Supposedly T-Mobile is nice about giving out these codes (at least to their customers), but I've no experience in that area.

    Additonally, there are some online sites that offer to sell you an unlock code...if you want to go that route.

    But really, the best option is to purchase a phone that is definitely unlocked...
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    Welcome aboard.

    As you now, you need an unlocked Treo.

    If you buy a locked 270, you may have issues with getting unlocked. T-mo may not do it for you because you dont have a t-mo account.

    what you would need is someone with a t-mo account to stick their sim card in and pretend it was theirs when they called t-mo.

    Once unlocked, you should be able to use it without issue, but I haven't really read anyone who has actually done it (I might have and forgotten).

    Did you do a search for cincular 270 on this forum.

    Sorry, not selling my unlocked treo 270.
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