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    I've had this problem since my 270 and it still exists on the 600. T-Mobile Wireless Data CSRs say it is not possible, but they are just wrong about it. Very annoying.

    Let's say you have T-Mobile internet on your account, and you connect to that network normally with no problems. If, for some reason, perhaps bad coverage, the Treo fails to connect to T-Mobile Internet, Treo then tries to connect to the next available T-Mobile Network, e.g. VPN (on a 270), or VPN or TZones (on the Treo 600). It will try again for VPN, sometimes automatically, sometimes not, until it finds T-Mobile Internet again and establishes a connection. This usually takes 3 attempts. The WDCSRs insist that once you set the network selection on the Treo, that becomes your default and it should never look for VPN. Well, it ain't true. Anyone else experience this? Would love to fix it.

    (T-Mobile vociferously denies that T-Zones even exists on the Treo 600 as network selection of 3 possible networks, and were shocked that I was staring it in the face along with VPN and T-Mobile Internet. The CSR insisted that it was not there, even though I was politely telling him that it was. FWIW.)
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    Yeah - that's always happened to me - with my 270 and now with the 600.

    The other odd thing is that on the 270, it would only connect to one - whichever one was "provisioned" apparently. I switched from "Internet" to "VPN" while on the 270, and I got errors connecting to Internet and was panicking til I tried VPN and it worked. With my T600 it lets me connect to either one - and I'm not sure I like that, because I'm afraid they are going to try to charge me twice if I accidentally bounce back and forth <heehee>.

    Oh well, you are correct though - it does rotate through them if you can't connect, and T-Zones is an option.


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