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    I'm moving to Pasadena and want to know:

    1. Is T-Mobile an option? When visiting, my T-Mobile service roams on Cingular. The T-Mobile website accepts a Pasadena zip code, though.

    2. I use 4-8 MB per month on my T600. Is the $25/10MB Cingular data plan the best I can do? It makes Cingular very expensive relative to T-Mobile, especially if I want to use more data, but I like the ability to roll-over minutes.

    3. From looking at their website, AT&T seems very expensive, especially because of $.69/min roaming and many cities which involve roaming. Is this perception correct?

    Thanks! I'm using an upgrade T600 on T-Mobile.

    (And yes, I searched extensively)
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    Yeah T-mo is all over SoCal. They piggy back off of Cingular's network here.
    I would just stay with t-mo, they have better data plans and rate plans.
    Your only benefit to switching to Cingular would be for roll over minutes. Not a big deal for me. I'd much rather have a better data plan.
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