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    Anybody tried this? How long did it take? I applied for new mobile service on Cingular website on 11/29 asking to transfer my landline to my Treo600. I got my Treo 600 on 12/10. When I called to activate the phone, they said my transfer application has been "resubmitted" on 12/7 and I just have to wait for a text message when the transfer completes (no ETA was given).
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    You may want to preliminarily confirm that you are in one of the "top 100 MSAs". You'll see a related link at the below URL, as well as a link to file an online complaint with the FCC, and additional helpful info.

    Note especially the section which begins "How long will the porting process take?" -- about 3/4 down the page. The second paragraph speaks directly to wireline >>> wireless portability.

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