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    anyone know a good # for cingular customer service. my friend is having problems with features disappearing off her account.
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    I've read of people complaining about Sprint CS and I really haven't had a problem....I just tell them I am mad or I want to cancel and I normally end up with something free. My friend called cingular last night and it was the worst experience of CS I think I have ever heard of. She got tired of asking the rep to send her to cancelations or to tech support so she said talk to my friend, handed the phone to me and the rep starts saying that I am not authorized on the account and wouldnt talk to me. Thats fine, but when my parents were getting ripped off by sprint at one point, my mom put me on the phone w/ the rep, I cut loose and she got a great deal. So, cingular has got to have some good CS numbers to call where you can basically complain/cancel service/get free stuff or better plans.
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