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    I would like to know how good is the GSM network on ATT. I know they cost more and do not have unlimited data, but I like the feature that you can include no roaming or long distance for Canada. So let me know how there GSM network is compared to T-Mobile.
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    I can only give you limited info since I've been a TDMA user for about 6 years with ATT and a GSM user for about 4 days with ATT on my new Treo 600. (Only using it 4 days and I already dropped it on the sidewalk.... it fell out of the leather case which somehow became unsnapped.)

    For the most part ATT GSM has been ok but my understanding is that they are not so hot in rural areas. Since a good many of the GSM phones are GSM only you could find yourself hosed. It really depends on the metro area, if any, you live in.

    Last night I crossed into an area with no service. But then when I got back to an area with service the phone did not recognize it until I drove about 10 miles and shut off / turned on the phone. The Handspring tech told me it should not usually happen that way. I will have to drive that same path again and check it again in case it was just a one time glitch.

    My TDMA service from ATT was flawless... The jury is still out for me with GSM. If I find that the service isn't to my liking I may have to ditch my Treo 600 and go with Verizon/Kyocera 7135. My cellphone is critical to me for my business.

    To be honest I originally didn't want a keyboard but now I've come to really like it. Since Kyocera is the only PalmOS phone Verizon sells and it does not have a keyboard I am torn. Or there's always to go back to two devices and wait a little longer....
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    I have been with AT&T for years on their 'digital' One Rate Plan. I travel alot, so I needed no roaming, etc. Worked perfectly for years all over the US and in Canada ... then I wanted to upgrade to 'Next Generation'.

    Since I live about 50 miles outside of Chicago, GSM coverage can be tricky, but it had to work at home too. I wanted to switch to GSM for a variety of reasons, and decided to check out both Verizon and Sprint for price. Both promised perfect coverage where I live, but failed. Dropped calls, no service, roaming, etc. I returned the phones and dropped them.

    Tried a Siemens S46 from AT&T and had great GSM reception, even though the AT&T store near my house said I probably wouldn't get service since I was 'on the edge of their coverage.

    Bottom line is AT&T has the best coverage (even on the edge) and I'm very happy with my new Treo 600. AT&T Customer Service and their data plans stink though.

    I suggest trying several providers before making a decision. Most will let you return the phone and drop the plan within 15-30 days if you're not happy.

    Good Luck.

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    I suggest you try it out as well to be sure. However you may want to stop by howard forums ( and read some of the threads in the Carrier section under ATT.

    Last night I went thru all of the carriers. It is amazing the complaints are pretty much the same for all the carriers. Some say the provider they use rocks (because it makes them look like a genius for picking them) and other say they suck. Most people are in the middle. There is no one best carrier for all.

    I am a Sprint customer, and reasonably pleased with their service in my home area and as I travel around the country. Data access has always been very important to me (for my laptop) remotely, so Sprint's unlimited data card works great for me, plus I like how their network works the same all over. I think that Verizon has the largest network and with my Sprint T600 I can roam on Verizon, so I get much better coverage that I used to.

    I am sure the carriers that are switching from TDMA to GSM are going to go thru growing pains for a little while. when I got my Treo I looked at moving to GSM, but the coverage is just not there as of yet. It is improving however.

    There were some speculations on HoFo about the viability of ATT as a company, evidently LNP is hitting them hard. But take everything you read with a grain of salt. Everyone's an expert on the internet.
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    Originally posted by hockey Dad not have unlimited data....
    They do have unlimited data plan, but it is $79.99 a month

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