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    (a straight copy of my posting on AT&T Customer Forums)

    Don't know if you know of Walt Mossberg of the Wall St. Journal and a weekly tech interview on CNBC.

    I caught the tell end of this weekly tech interview and he was reviewing the MPx200... needless to say his review wasn't very high on the phone. One glitch he found is that caller ID is so slow to pull out the name, it just displays the phone number for several seconds. Sometimes the phone kicks into VM before name appears.

    Finally, his 3rd knock was the "ridiculous data plans" that AT&T has, $80/month unlimited. Mossberg said that he focuses on unlimited because the avg user isn't going to know how many mbs their email is and so forth. (A great point I sometimes forget only because I know kb, mb, gb and their usage etc) ... he mentioned T-Mobile, Sprint PCS as cheap examples. He did mention Verizon though at $50 and stated it's high, but not as high and wild as AT&T.

    Just thought I'd mention this,

    PS - I'm glad someone with a larger forum to voice opinions called AT&T on this one
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    Yeah, ATT's data plans suck royally. Probably the main reason Sprint has been targetting ATT in their ads since wnpl kicked in. Both ATT and Verizon need to adjust their plans or face loss of customers imo...
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    Cingular's are the worst
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    is there anyone with a cingluar phone who is using it on the Cingular network?
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    Me too.
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    T750 w/Cingular
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    Here's another...
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    @ bettyboop

    do you have a question for the choir?
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    I hadn't had the impression that anyone stuck with cingular, seemed like everyone got the cingular phone and defected to tmobile because of the data plans.

    The question would be: what kind of data are you doing? Is 10MB enough to do more than bare-bones email/web or are you on a bigger data plan... or is there some data plan pricing that is more "competative" that we should know about?
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    My plan is for $15 for about 10 I think. It does good. Browsing, email. GPRS is so slow I wouldn't do any serious browsing anyway
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    $15 bucks gets you 5Mb of data w/Cingular. That's what I have as well. For me it's been plenty but YMMV.
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    I just use the 1mg $6.99 plan. I only use it occationally, maps, google, etc. I work from home so most of the time I have access to my computer for email/internet. If I ever get a real job where I have to leave the house <g> I may up the data use but hopefully Cingular will get competitive on GPRS by then.
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