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    On the AT&T Wireless website, it won't allow the Treo 600 to be selected on a family plan. I called a week ago and the rep said I could select it over the phone. I called today and a different rep said I couldn't.

    Has anyone selected the Treo 600 as a phone on a new or existing AT&T family plan?
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    I am currently using ATTWS with the Treo 600 on the family plan. I have had no problems to date. They never, in fact, have to know what phone you are using with the plan as long as you have a working SIM card.

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    I just switched 2 phones from Digital plan to Family plan on GSM and the main one is Treo 600.

    No problems setting it up that way (I did it in one of their stores 2 weeks ago), but customer service site doesn't show usage details of both numbers. Should it?


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