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    My new (Cingular) Treo 600 works great for voice and SMS on the Cincinnati Bell GSM network. CBW runs what may be the only non-AT&T component of the AT&T network?!? and they are not offering the Treo (yet?). So I bought one on the chance I could get it to work. Plugged in the SIM and voice is fine, but cannot connect to inet (web or email), which both worked fine on the Nokia I took the SIM from. I think (hope) it is just some config settings....any ideas?

    Even without data I love this thing. To have my pda and phone in one device is soooo convenient.

    If I can't figure out data I may move it to TMobile if they can make it work.

    TIA for any help!

    PS Anyone figure how to kill the Cingular logo on startup yet?

    12/11 Update

    Well I found the settings to get the web and email working. Email me if anyone needs them. The last piece not working is the MMS feature. I guess I need the Gateway and the URL for that service. Any ideas??

    I still love this thing.
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