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    Cingular says:

    Q: How do I make international long distance calls?
    A: To make an international long distance call from your wireless phone, dial 011 + country code + city/area code (if applicable) + local telephone number. Press Send or Talk.
    Whereas T-Mobile uses the "+" instead of "011". Actually T-Mobile CS said one could use either "+" or "011".

    I have my hundreds of contacts' phone numbers on my Treo with the + prefix. Will that really not work for Cingular (or any other providers overseas)? Cingular CS said "yes, I think you can only use 011". Since she didn't sound so certain I was hoping someone here knows.

    I sure would hate to have to change all +'s to 011's...

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    "+"s work on Cingular's network domestically and abroad. The CSRs info used to be correct, but thank heavens Cingular got their act together and fixed this.

    You can also use "+"s with your U.S. numbers when calling domestically, so when you're abroad you don't have to change the numbr you use to call back to the U.S.

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