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    Anyone else having problems with GPRS in NYC today? After days of no problems with my T600, today has been nothing but dropped service, resets and now no GPRS service at all. Am I the only one?
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    Me too. Got mine on Friday and had no problems over the weekend but today, two resets and lots of connection drops. Not sure if it's the network or the phone. Am considering returning the Cingular phone if/when the T-Mo comes out.
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    Since I seem not to be the only one, I will assume (hope) that it is the network. As for getting a true T-Mo phone, I like that the Cingular version is unlocked and I will be attempting to get a software configuration upgrade from T-Mo rather than another phone. That is, of course, if they assure me that their configuration won't lock the phone. With the exception of this weekend and yesterday, the operation of the phone with T-Mo has been great. Better signal strength than my 270, faster internet (sound of knuckles knocking on wood).

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