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    Using Cing 600 with T-Mo.

    I did a search, and the few threads I found say that an Orange LED means that you lost your signal. I'm not getting a lot of these, but it happens often enuf to have me worried (it seems to happen 2-3 times in a short period, then several hours with no problems).

    I never had this issue with the 270, are other ppl seeing this witht their 600?

    Any suggestions?

    Secondly, I dont get the little triangle that is supposed to report that gprs is available. It doesn't seem to be an issue, cause I can connect. Did something change?

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    Not sure about T-mo, but on Cingular I do occasionally get the orange LED, which corresponds to the SOS-emergency call message (usually pretty much out of signal/range). I do get the triangle for GPRS availability. and green arrows for data transfer.

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