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    If I use a prepaid SIM card in the Philippines will it allow me GPRS access?

    If yes, will I be able to access Hotmail or are the relevant ports blocked?
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    The most I can tell you from my own experience is that on a trip to London with my 270, I was surprised to find that GPRS still worked (after activating T-Mobile International Roaming prior to the trip), and more importantly, I wasn't charged an arm and a leg for using it. But I suppose it comes down to what operator's service you end up using and if they have a GPRS system in place.

    Hotmail never worked for me on the 270 but it might on the 600. I won't know until I get mine (finally) later today.

    If you decide to go the other route and buy a local prepaid SIM for wherever you travel, chances are you will get phone/SMS service but not GPRS.


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