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    Greetings! My Cingular Treo arrived Friday night, had to drive in an ice storm to Fedex to get it.

    The Treo is awesome, everyone on T-Mobile should have bought one of these instead of waiting. It does so much, I am browsing Treo Central now whilst listening to mp3s on Pocket Tunes. How cool is that?

    There has been a lot of talk about Blazer performance here. I am using the proxy, on port 8080. This speeds up browsing quite a bit. I use the $19.95 T-Mobile Internet VPN plan, because I have a couple of pc cards. Tzones which I also have (for MMS and wap on my T610) doesn't do much on the Treo on my plan. Not sure why. The Treo came with Pixer MMS and a nice email app builtin! Pleasant surprises that work well.

    Lastly by not least... Pocket Tunes can stream 24kbps music via GPRS! The quality is ok and it's like having a radio as well as a phone and pda. The Treo rocks!
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    I will note that none of the T-Mobile acceleration proxies work on my Treo unless I'm connected via VPN. I find it odd - on my 270 I originally was on Internet - could ONLY connect via internet. When I switched to unlimited data they moved me to VPN and I could ONLY connect via VPN.

    Now I can connect through either - hmmmm. But only VPN will use the proxy at all.

    Just an idea for those who seem to be having problems with the T-Mobile proxy.


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