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    Update Dec 7, 2003: 10:45am EST
    Link to download letter FCC letter (leads to pdf download link):

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    December 5, 2003, 2:28 AM EST

    WASHINGTON -- Federal regulators on Thursday asked AT&T Wireless to respond to complaints that it's taking too long to switch customers who want to transfer their cell phone service to another company.

    It's the first time the Federal Communications Commission has acted since a rule allowing customers to keep their cell number when they change companies went into effect Nov. 24.

    If this rolls off the above front page, try a search at Google's "news" link > AT&T federal number switch , as there are multiple articles appearing about the problem
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    According to the NY Times Avantgo channel, ATT is failing 60% of the time and warning users it may take 5 days to complete the transfer.

    The rest of the carriers arent doing any better with 50% failures.

    Preliminary numbers suggest that ATT is loosing members. T-MO and Verizon ar ganing and the other carriers are breaking even.

    BTW, ATT is using a totally different system than the other carriers to move users.

    BTW#2, if the user data doesn't match between carriers or a system goes for a set time, the information has to be manually checked.
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