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    Well...I got my 600 this afternoon and finally got it all synced up nice...or so I thought. Somehow I've managed to delete Blazer. No...strike that on edit. I've just lost the icon for it. Where the heck is it?
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    Install FileZ. See if you can find it that way.

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    I see it with filez...but it's not visible from the main menu.
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    Make sure the 'hidden' attribute is not checked.
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    It's not checked. I suppose as long as I have it mapped to a shortcut key it doesn't much matter. Just seems odd.
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    Are you viewing ALL of the categories? Perhaps it got filed under a different program category and you're only looking in "Main"?
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    Nope, I'm sure. I looked with the 600 launcher, I looked with Silver. The only way I see it listed is when I use FileZ. Seems to me I stopped using Launchem when it wasn't showing pqa's, but you'd think the built in launcher would show a built in program.....

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