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    Here's the article:

    Cingular is seriously interested in merging with either AT&T Wireless or T-Mobile next year, according to Business Week. Citing an unnamed company insider, the magazine claims the company is aiming to strike a deal by the mid-2004, although no formal talks are yet under way. Chief Executive of SBC (parent of Cingular) Edward Whiteacre is quoted as saying "I don't think it's any secret we would like to be bigger wireless player ... it's not years. It's, ya know, over the next number of months"
    Hmm...I don't know if this is good or bad...probably bad...Any thoughts?
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    Whether the deal is good or bad probably depends on which provider they merge with. As T-Mobile currently has great data plans and international coverage - and as they haven't been so quick to carry the T600 - that combination could really be a "best of both worlds." I think the addition of Cingular's coverage area could help T-Mobile in a few weak spots in the U.S. as well. On the other hand, I don't think a merger with AT&T would really make things any more attractive to me, in terms of coverage and rates.


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