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    apoligies if this has already been asked & answered --i ran a quick search of the threads and found nothing.

    i ordered a cingular T600 w/ cingular plan on 11/04 that just arrived today. i am currently a Tmo customer, and after comparing rates and letting my rage at Tmo for not getting their act together subside, i've concluded that i'd rather stay w/ Tmo. i swapped my Tmo SIM for the cingular SIM that came in the phone, and it seems to work fine.

    here's my question: as far as i can tell, the phone came w/ no cingular-specific components other than the SIM card itself. as best i can tell, the phone isn't activated until i call cingular and tell them to activate my card. meaning that if i do nothing and simply use the phone w/ my Tmo card, i shouldn't get charged by cingular. is that correct? or do i need to take some proactive step to make sure cingular doesn't think i'm actually using their network?

    if anyone who has a received a T600 w/ a cingular plan and has/hasn't activated his/her account could answer, it would be much appreciated.

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    My understanding is that you're ok. Your phone comes from HS or whomever with a Sim card and says call this number to activate your phone/account.

    If you look at how has their Sprint Treo 600 it's similar. You order from them and it's shipped, next step is to call and activate it.

    So you're ok since most people ordered the Cingular and put their cards in.

    I could be wrong, but I think I'm 99% right. Cingular has no info of you as a customer until you activate. So don't activate

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    that's what i thought --thanks for the confirmation.

    anyone else who has thoughts on the topic, fell free to post...

    History is the version of events that the victors wrote --Napoleon

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