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    One of the best things about my treo 270 used to be using it as a wireless modem for my laptop with PDAnet and T-Mobile internet. When starting up it used to go directly to Selecting "fastest" actually made the internet usable.

    Now it doesn't connect automagically anymore. And when I log on manually, it has no effect whatsoever.

    My current connection is slower than an old dial-up. Barely usable in an emergency.

    I called support and was told that T-mobile wasn't supporting the 270 as a modem -- only direct connect via blazer. Hmmm. I think I saw where some with the "Cingular" 600 couldn't log on to getmorespeed either. Hmmm.

    Might this be related to the "t-mobile" 600 delay? Will we ever be able to use any treo to make a usable laptop internet connection? Should we all switch to ATT or Cingular? Anybody else in this fix or found a solution?
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    Do you have "Use a proxy server" checked in your internet options?

    I don't have getmorespeed as my homepage, but it is still working for me, and I can go to the page to change my settings.
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    for blazer (native PDA web browsing) I can set the proxy server -- but when I try to get to the URL to change the settings it tells me the page isn't available.

    for PDAnet (using the treo as a wireless modem for the laptop) I can access the URL and switch settings, but nothing seems to come of it.

    can/should a proxy be specified for PDAnet and/or the laptop's browser?

    none of this was necessary in the past.

    thanx for the help
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    In my last hysterical posting, I bemoaned the apparent loss of "getmorespeed" on my 270. At that time I was in Pueblo, Co. I am happy to report from Washington DC that getmorespeed is working as well as ever.

    Anybody else experience such geo-temporal lapses?
    do you think it's more geo or temporal??
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    The getmorespeed proxy is no longer working for me, and has not for a couple of weeks. Has T-Mobile tired to get clever again and close down the proxy for the T-Zone subscribers?

    Anyone have a working proxy thay care to post?
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