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    I ordered 2 Cingular upgrades back on the 7th to use on T-Mobile, and have been checking daily for updates on shipments.

    Well, great news- I received an email stating that my phones shipped and are a few miles from my house at FedEx!

    BUT, I received a 2nd email titled:

    IMPORTANT: "Getting started with your new Treo"

    Inside the email, it says:

    Your service and SIM card should be activated already. If your service does not appear to be activated (e.g. you cannot make a phone call), please call Cingular Wireless at 1-866-CINGULAR (1-866-246-4852).


    I didn't activate any service with Cingular, and was assured that I didn't need to when I ordered the phone.

    Did anyone else receive this email? Is this a blanket email sent out regardless of whether or not you activated the phones?

    Please tell me this is a bogus email, and that HS didn't screw up and sign me up with Cingular... I'm going to assume the lotus position and try to chill until I hear back from somebody on this. HS sales is closed of course until Monday...
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    I recieved this email and I ordered without service. The email came when the Treo Shipped. Everything works just fine. I wouldn't worry about it.
    Jake Pratt
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    No worries, it's a blanket email that is automatically sent. I got one too and didn't order with service.
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