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    Hi future Treo 600 T-Mobile users,

    I am one of the people longing to switch my T-Mobile Sidekick over to a Treo 600.

    I suspect that taking pictures and sending them around can add up quite quickly, this is why the unlimited data plan sounds very attractive to me.

    I am also traveling to Europe quite a bit, which is an additional reason to wait for T-Mobile, because they have better rates there.

    But I am running out of patients. I thought if we show T-Mobile how may people are waiting (more and more impatiently) there is an off chance that they may hurry up.

    Please sign the following request at Public Mind:

    Now I feel, like I have done something, instead of just waiting for the press release.

    Let T-Mobile know how many we are.

    Thanks in advance, Mark.
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    Oh the agony, here another "Treo 600 Coming to T-Mobile Later this Month" article.

    They better come out with a good price and a good voice/data plan for all the wait and loyalty we are showing.

    I am leaving for Europe this Saturday and I guess without Treo my mio.

    Keep up the pressure, already 14 people have signed the Public Mind request:

    I am convinced that T-Mobile officials are reading these boards. Let them know.

    Best, Mark.
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    At this point in the game I just want a T600 that will work on T-Mobile's network. It doesn't matter to me whether it comes from them or not.
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    Originally posted by finnern
    ....Please sign the following request at Public Mind:
    I've signed the request. Not sure it will actually help but, what the heck. It can't hurt.
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    I signed it too. Do you think T-Mobile even cares though? Damn, this is so frustrating!

    "The future will be better tomorrow."
    - Dan Quayle
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    I signed up too.. However, I am too sick of waiting for something that does not have a date. I called Cingular today and placed an order for a T600 today. At least I am in the queue to receive a unit.
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    I don't know what the hold up is on the Treo 600. If I had to guess I would say it probably has to do with the units selling "unlocked" as other tmobile phones still sell with subsidy locks on them no matter what.

    The standard software works flawlessly on Tmobiles network so there isn't any kind of issue with that and tmobile employees have already recieved training on the device. I just want it to be released already. Getting to play with one and then having to go back to my 180 is torture

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