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    I placed an order on 11/24/03 before the Cingular upgrade offer was to expire. I just got an email from HS stating that my order was shipped yesterday. I chose standard delivery; so I should have my Treo 600 sometime next week.
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    there are people on here that have been wating for about a month for their order to ship, and yours did in 3 days? either you are lying, or HS fuc4ed up and you got lucky...
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    changed from order received to, awaiting shipment last night, ordered 11/17.
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    "awaiting shipment" and "shipped" are very different states of being. i think they processed/approved a bunch of cards all at once without actually having the units on hand to ship.
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    When I ordered my 270, "awaiting shipment" was as far as the status ever got online. A month after I'd been using my 270, it still showed "awaiting shipment." We'll let you know though, as my order also changed from "received" to "awaiting shipment" last night, and mine was ordered last Saturday (11/22) with overnight delivery. Sure hope it's soon though, cause my beautiful Bellagio cases are collecting dust here!

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