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    A thread that originated on the hardware message board suggests that T-Mobile itself will not be carrying the TREO 600 but will provide minimal support and, of course, "allow" it on their network.

    Much has been made about a "T-Mobile locked" TREO 600 but this latest suggests to THIS reader that the TREO 600 that is sold for use on T-Mobile's network would not be locked (not a strong suggestion, but there!).

    Does this matter at all to the end-customer (other than a possible lack of some sort of rebate)?
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    Well as a current T-mobile account holder, locked under contract, but Cingular user, yes it does matter.

    T-mobile has terribile customer service to begin with. I am paying for T-mobile service and not using it at all. I quite using T-mobile because of their lack of support and endless contradictions between techs when trying to configure my previous Treo for the internet and SMS.

    The last four days I just spent hours on the phone with Cingular trying to get my MMS to work. It was agrevating but they stayed with me and returned every phone call they promised me. They SMS'd me for two hours last night so i could work and watch TV instead of waiting while they tweeked at things. They promised to call today, I asked them if they could SMS me before they called so that I could be near a phone, and they did. We solved the problem today. Frustrating, but they were pleasant and supportive.

    T-mobile has never returned one call they ever said they would. Believe me, I would rather pay the $20 unlimited internet with T-mobile but, I hate their customer service.

    So I would be hesitant to use a complex phone like the Treo if T-mobile is not going to support it.

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