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    Does anyone know if the Treo 600 will ever take advantage of AT&T's new EDGE data network? The fast data speeds are very compelling, but the only phone that AT&T's website shows as suppurting EDGE is the Nokia 6200. It seems to me that if any phone should take advantage of EDGE, it is the T600. What is required to use EDGE? Is it a potential software upgrade, or is the T600 lacking the necessary hardware?

    Please enlighten me.
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    I spoke to a few people at ATT and they said that this phone is not edge enabled. They have a few phones that are but I do not remember which ones. It sounds like you need some additional software/hardware for it to work. But is does sound like it works over the GPRS system. Maybe it is just a better compression method they are using. Don't know.
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    Sorry. The Treo 600 is not compatible with EDGE technology. The radio transceiver that was chosen for the GSM Treo 600 can't receive or transmit under EDGE. No amount of software or patching can fix that.
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    How much *actual* bandwidth are you getting over GPRS on your Treo 600? AT&T claims "up to 115Kbps" (probably the serial port limit), with EDGE offering "up to 160Kbps". How about you, with the Sprint CDMA? Or you, with AT&T, but on an avenue at the bottom of a Manhattan concrete canyon? Or you, through Cingular on US-1 at Stinson Beach? Anybody?
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    I spoke with my local CSR at the AT&T store here is Palo Alto, and he says that the Treo 600 does support EDGE. According to him, EDGE is transmitted on the 850MHz frequency, so the Treo does support it. He said he has been using it for about a week.

    I'm interested to know if you have seen documented somewhere that it doesn't support EDGE?
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    Originally posted by heartychoke
    I'm interested to know if you have seen documented somewhere that it doesn't support EDGE?
    The only phone on ATT's web site that's advertised as EDGE capable is the Nokia 6200. The Treo 600 is not.
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    I realized that the Treo wasn't listed as an EDGE device, I was just hopeful that it could be. I was heartened to hear from my CSR that it did work, but don't think he knew what he was talking about.

    I called up the EDGE people at AT&T (888.328.2288) and they confirmed that the T600 is not EDGE compliant.

    An interesting tidbit: a press release dated 11-13-03 lists Pa1mOne as one of the makers of devices to be introduced in 2004 that will be EDGE compliant (most of the way down, do a search for palmOne). The next Treo model mayhaps?

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