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    We're making the switch from Sprint to T-Mobile and have a question about the world of GSM:

    To help defray the cost of our 2 new 600's (Cingluar upgrade) we're planning to purchase a couple popular Nokia phones at Amazon that end up being free after rebate with a T-Mobile 1 year contract. We'll then sell the phones on eBay and use the contract with our Treos.

    Here's the questions:
    1. Will we use the T-mobile SIMS out of the Nokias, or do they need to stay with the phones?
    2. Or... do we request new SIM cards from TMobile to replace the Cingular ones? If so, will our contract already be tied to the Nokia SIMS?
    3. Or... do we sell the T-Mobile Nokias without SIM cards?
    4. None of the above- you are clueless Yelo!

    Thanks for the help!
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    Take the T-Mobile SIMS out of the nokias you get from Amazon.
    Pop those babies in your new Cingular branded Treo 600 and you are good to go!

    Sell those Nokia's on ebay. If the Nokia's are locked, you might want to clarify that in your auction.
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    Like Stephman said,

    The SIMs coming from Amazon will be set up for your new account, so just stick them in your Treos.

    You can sell the Cingular SIMs if you want, but they aren't worth much anymore. They used to go for like $35. The Cingular SIMs will probably only work with Cingular though, so I wouldn't put them with the Nokias. It sometimes helps to get the phones unlocked before listing them on Ebay, but most people know they can get them unlocked themselves if they want to use it with a different carrier.
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    Thanks the tips!

    So I got a pair of SE T610s at foncentral for $200 total out of pocket along with $300 in rebates plus free accessories for each- including car kit, leather case, hands free, free shipping and no tax. Same package on ebay is going for about $240 per phone.

    After rebates, I should net about $240x2 +$100=$580.

    Treo 600 upgrades cost me $400x2=$800.

    Net cost= $160 each. Not bad, and only 1 yr contract with Tmobile.

    CC also recently took back my old Treo due to verified reoccuring problems under their performance plan netting me another $500 plus they rebated the unused portion of my performance guarantee on my 2 phones for another $60.

    So actually, I end up with 2 Treo 600s for free plus $240 to spend on memory cards and accessories!

    Now I just need to wait- for my Treos, and my rebate checks.

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