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    No one seems able to answer this question for me:

    If you order a Treo 600 from PalmOne's web site with AT&T service, you can get 2500 minutes of One Rate (No Roam Charge) for $149 per month.

    If you order the exact same item from ATT's site, that same $149 will only buy you 1500 minutes of GSM Digital One Rate.

    That's an enormous difference....far higher than one would expect AT&T to give Palm as a "promotion". Can anyone explain this?
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    Maybe we are reading different things on the Handspring site. The only plans I see are the mLife National and the mLife Local.

    The mLife National plan (on either Handspring's or AT&T's site) gives 2500 minutes for $149, but it provides free roaming only on AT&T's network, with roaming charges on other systems.

    AT&T's site has a One Rate plan with 1500 minutes for $149 with no roaming charges on any GSM system (I think). I can't find the equivalent of a One Rate plan on the Handspring site. Can you point me to it?
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    Dr. J-
    I've looked at that page about 30 times and focused on "Free National Roaming", so I assumed it was OneRate. Had I clicked on the link I'd have read:
    National Roaming
    Additional charge incurred when you place calls while not on the AT&T Wireless national GSM network.
    Which begs the next question:
    In the ATT brochure from the local store, it shows a "GSM Roaming Area" in blue and an "Additional Roaming Area" in pink. Both state, "Voice Usage in this area will be billed according to the Roaming Rates listed in your plan".

    Can I assume that all those Blue areas are free roaming?
    Thanks for your reply.

    ps: It's clear that the ATT People are trying real hard to keep up with changing conditions.
    - My partner in CT received an M-Mode National rate of $99 for 1200(?) minutes, no charge for unlimited data. Whether this verbal rate will be honored remains to be seen.
    - I've had two ATT sales people tell me that Next Gen is not available on the T-600, though that's not true.
    - I had on ATT Operator offer me an additional 1,000 minutes (Nights/Weekend) for $9 and a second offer it at no charge.

    The plans are obviously in enormous flux just now. Caveat Emptor
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    Happy Turkey Day!

    I have to agree that the plan descriptions and maps don't make it entirely clear to a novice (like me) just what you will pay. I am currently an AT&T digital (TDMA) customer, and concerns about the GSM coverage area are a key reason I have not yet placed an order for a Treo 600.

    I used to have a TDMA OneRate plan -- no roaming charges on anyone's network. Last January I changed to an AT&T national network plan, which is lower priced with more minutes but has free roaming only on their network. I have travelled in every state from Maine to Florida, with a number of trips to California, Nevada, and Arizona. I have had coverage everywhere I have been, and I have yet to encounter any roaming charges. Can't say whether my travel destinations are representative.

    Looking at their GSM coverage maps, I think that I would need to pay extra for the OneRate plan, rather than a National plan, in order to avoid a bunch of roaming charges, and I might still not be able to make/receive calls because of a lack of GSM service from anyone. Anyone have comments on this?

    I don't think I understand their maps well enough to answer your questions about the color-coded zones without introducing bogus info. I know they have some maps that show additional roaming area that requires you to have a phone that supports both GSM and TDMA, and I don't think there are very many of those.

    The $99 plan your friend was offered might be something like a combination of the $80 mobile internet unlimited data plan plus a $19 voice plan, but I wouln't think that would give anything close to 1200 voice minutes. Never heard of anything like that.

    Every plan I have looked at above $20 includes unlimited nights and weekends voice. For me, 1000 minutes would be equivalent to unlimited in those time periods, but I don't think you need to pay extra for either. This may depend on your home area. Anyone know more about this?

    I have never liked the term "next generation" when referring to technology, but that appears to be AT&T's term for GSM. If they want to claim it doesn't apply to T600, I wonder what network they expect to run the Treo on. I'm also not clear on their use of the terms "mLife", "mMode", and "mobile internet". The web pages and brochures have a lot of flowery promo and little of substance, at least in terms of knowing how they would serve a Treo 600.
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    And Gobble Gobble to you!
    Thanks much for the reply and info.

    You and I are in the exact position...I'm also on ATT's TDMA One Rate and have had great service. I've done a fair amount of research on the discussion sites and it's clear that the TDMA network is being downsized as GSM grows.

    M-Mode is their GSM or Next-Gen network as I understand it. However, that offers you Local and National only, with Roaming charges. GSM One Rate is the exact same coverage map but without roam charges.....and they don't add the M-Mode name to add to the confusion they new have Next Gen Edge which their own people know little about though it shows on their maps.

    My understanding (don't hold me to this one) is that Next Gen Edge is simply a Point of Presence Software upgrade to the GSM nodes that will speed up data.

    As concerns OneRate GSM, again today I was informed that unlimited nights and weekends is $9.95. (M-Mode National is free).

    The confusing part is included in the attached JPG from Handspring's site:
    ATT/M-Mode/Next Gen/National: "Roaming" is free. No one from ATT can seem to offer this plan.

    Like you, I travel a fair amount and I gotta tell you: If the "Next Gen Roaming Areas" (Blue on most of the M-Mode National maps) are, in fact, free the National Plan makes much more sense to me. Those violet "Additional Roaming Areas", I'd be willing to pay the roaming charges in to get the @$600/year savings over OneRate.
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    seems to be how AT&T refers to WAP access through their phones. They can charge for unlimited use because on most phones it's a chore to use and not terribly useful. I don't know if the M-Mode content is accessible on a T600, and never bothered to try from my (unlocked, no carrier-specific software) T270.

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    M-Mode and One Rate GSM from ATT are both available on the T-600. I have one right here with M-Mode and just migrated it to GSM.

    I'm still looking for the plans to shake out or for the second one (From Handspring) to arrive so that I can figure out what plan Handspring is offering that shows M-Mode with free roaming.


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