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    I currently have a cingular voice plan that ends Dec 28, 2003. I want to purchase the Treo 600 and continue using Cingular but was curious how to use the fact that my plan is expiring to get a better deal. I like Cingular service and really wouldn't want to leave unless the price/benefits were right and I really don't care about number portability... How much of a discount do you think I can get?


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    You won't know until you try, but most of the deals relate to signing on for a 1 or 2 year committment (range between $100-200). Remember, it costs a cell carrier about $200 to capture a new customer, so anything less to keep an existing one is a savings to them
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    I have spent over 250/month for several years for several lines w/ Cingular here in Houston. Even though I have completed two contracts on my husband's and nanny's phones and since gone month-to-month, my main number (MINE) is only 15 months into the contract due to and upgrade 15 month ago. When I called yesterday to order a T600 for myself (I already have a SPRINT T600, and find the coverage VERY BAD HERE) the nu-nu-heads at Cingular would NOT budge off the full price because I was not at 18 months yet!

    I spoke to 4 reps, and finally a SUrpervisor, and FINALLY got the T600 at the new actrivation rate of $$499 with a 2-year contract (because, after all - I'm switching from their old TDMA technology to GSM). It was a PAIN. I spent 2.5+ hours on the phone with them (when my billing rate as an architect is $200/hr - to save a hundred bucks) but even with the numberportability thing - they didn't want to cut a big-spending customer a break.

    The carriers are all stupid. Be nice on the phone, invest countless hold time, and I think you can ultimately get a deal - I'm just not sure now whether it is worth it.
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    On Nov. 17, I got my Treo 600 at the Cingular store in Pasadena $499 with a 2 year contract.

    But as of today, with a 2 year contract, you can get it for $399 because Cingular gives you a $100 gift certificate redeemable for accesories or even to pay your Cingular bill.

    So, I went back to the store in Pasadena, CA where I bought my treo and very kindly, they gave me the gift certificate! This offered started on Nov. 19 and will last until December 7.


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