View Poll Results: When will T-mobile have the Treo 600?

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  • Before December 12

    4 15.38%
  • On December 12

    5 19.23%
  • Way later than that

    5 19.23%
  • I don't care anymore, I picked up the Cingular or AT&T one for use with T-mo

    12 46.15%
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    Looking at the handspring upgrade page , I'm placing a guess that the T-mo T600 will be available on or around December 12. If you look at the page, Cingular's upgrade ran from November 02 to November 24 and AT&T is running from November 21 to December 15. If they are going through a similar (ie parallel) upgrade cycle, we could be looking at the T600 being available around December 12.

    This seems to gel with the date of "mid-december" that people have talked about on this board.

    Based on my discussion with one of the T-mobile reps, they are awaiting confirmation on the T-600 software being approved by engineering sometimes this week. If that's true, we can assume it will take a couple of weeks for them to get some stocks and therefore, that also seems to line up nicely with the December 12th date.

    What do you all think about that theory?

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    you forgot that verizon will probably have the 600 b4 t-mo. so they will probably have the 3 week period starting on the 12th.

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    No more waiting for me. Just placed an order with HS for a cingular unit as the deadline is today.
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    Originally posted by ravic
    No more waiting for me. Just placed an order with HS for a cingular unit as the deadline is today.
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    Originally posted by mfacelle

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    Originally posted by mfacelle

    Ditto!!! Darn now I have to wait!
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    I would have voted if there had been a choice of 'near the middle of December', or 'the week of 14-20 Dec', but the only choices were on or before the 12th (that would be nice), or way after.

    Squeeze my vote in somewhere between 'on 12 Dec' and 'much later'
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    Oh well, I put in a vote for Dec 12th. Just squint and imagine it down a little farther though

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