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    My last post timed out. I'll try again.

    After several posters alerted me to the Sprint T600 deal on Amazon, I called up T-Mobile to see what they could do for me. My wife and I have a joint account with T-Mobile (two phone numbers that share minutes).

    I told them I was thinking of switching to Sprint because (1) I could keep my current phone number, (2) I could get the T600 immediately for $399, (3) Sprint would give me an additional $150 if I signed a two-year deal, and (4) Sprint would give me the first two months of the Vision service free if I signed up for the Vision service.

    The first rep. I talked with tried to convince me I was better off staying with T-Mobile because of better pricing, better service, etc. I told him I thought I was still going to jump to Sprint if he couldn't give me some incentive to stay with T-Mobile. At that point, he passed me on to a second rep. She offered me a free Nokia 3595 for my wife and a credit of $100 for each phone (total $200 credit) if we agreed to a new one-year deal.

    I've ordered the Cingular T600 for $399 from Handspring to use with T-Mobile. Now if I could just get the phone today, I would be set.
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    how'd you get for $399 w/o a plan if you are staying with tmobile?
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    I got the $399 price from Handspring since I was upgrading from my T270.

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