Bought my treo 600 a week ago, signed up with Cingular and started using their Wireless Internet plan.

From my online Call Detail Log:

Time Number Duration
2:35PM 111-111-1111 13.0
2:30PM 111-111-1111 10.0
2:17PM 111-111-1111 25.0
2:15PM 111-111-1111 3.0
2:11PM 111-111-1111 7.0
2:02PM 111-111-1111 16.0
1:55PM 111-111-1111 14.0

You do the math!

I'd like to think is a technical problem instead of deliberately overcharging minutes so we are "encouraged" to use Wireless Internet Express (Pay for KB, not for minutes) instead of the regular Wireless Internet.

I called Customer Service and since this hasn't been billed to me yet, they can't give me an answer. She said I should wait until I get my bill. She also wrote a note/memo in my account saying I had this problem.