as a way of amusing myself during the interminable wait for the tmobile t600, i was poking around the handpring (sorry, palmOne) site, pretend buying a unit.

anywho, when i plugged my zip (hamden, ct) into the first page for determining what plans are available in my area, i get...only sprint!!!

when i tried w/ my zip and "current provider = cingular", this is what i am told:

Mobile Phone service provider: Cingular Wireless

We're sorry, but the Cingular Wireless mobile phone plans for the zip code you entered (06518) are not currently compatible with Treo 600.

same for at&t wireless.

so i called cingular and spoke w/ a cs rep, who told me that there absolutely ARE cingular plans for my location for the t600.

am i missing something?!?!?