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    I received my T600 today. It's very cool.

    I am a long-time T-Mobile subscriber, and just upgraded to GPRS a couple of days ago to prepare for the new phone. I have had zero problems (so far) in having the Cingular T600 work with T-Mobile's network.

    I put my T-Mobile sim card in the phone, and turned on the phone to see what happened. The Cingular logo appears for a couple of seconds. Then the familiar "searching for network" screen appeared, and then it said Welcome to T-Mobile. The phone worked fine.

    Next came the GPRS test with Blazer (renamed "web"). I selected Blazer and was presented with an option screen asking whether I want to connect (and a checkbox to skip that option screen). I selected yes - and was connected via GPRS with no problems.

    I did not need to configure any T-Mobile GPRS or phone settings at all. It was ready to go.

    By the way, the phone seems very small - in a good way.
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    Great news! I'm waiting on mine to arrive. Please let us know if you find anything "weird".
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    Same situation here - works perfectly, and I see no difference in the GPRS speed (using CNET's bandwidth meter) using the 600 than I did with the 180... as I suspected, all the crap the CSRs fed us about "It may result in reduced data performance" was more or less made up... maybe its different elsewhere, but here in Seattle, the only complaint I have is that the service provider is listed as "VStream" instead of "T-Mobile"...
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    Unfortunately, my T-mobile GPRS is not working out of the box. The settings show up just fine; however, it fails when trying to log-in. I have the VPN version of T-Mobile GPRS so this might have something to do with it. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    Good news, it just started working. As I haven't changed any settings it must have been something network related.
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    Thanks we can use Keep it comming!
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