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    According to some people over at the Howard forums, a store in California has just received spec sheets and other promotional type items (ie posters etc) on the Treo 600. And a resolution specialist said that today was the launch for the AT&T Treo 600!!! This is all good news! Now, when will handspring post it up on their website?

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    More fun!

    AT&T Link!

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    From what I am told by CS it is locked- what a shocker! I am trying to order one thru CS. My guess is CS is going to say they don't have it- LOL. I almost think the unlocked Cingular is still the way to go. A lot easier to sell when you want to get rid of it if it's unlocked.
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    Yes, very true about unlocked phones. But I have found with other AT&T phones is that there are just so many AT&T customers that you still have a pretty good chance of getting rid of the phone at the price you want. Hopefully though, there will be some unlock service out there that can unlock your phone like some have been able to do with other AT&T phones.
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    Still both cingular and ATT have much less attractive data plans than T-Mobile. That is why I am still waiting.
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    The T600 has reappeared on the ATT web site here.

    From the ATT Support Web Site from a CSR

    Beginning 11/21/2003, AWS will begin offering the Handspring Treo 600 device for sale. The Treo 600 is the latest product offered by AWS supporting the Palm operating system. The device will launch today through Customer Care and Business Care channels. The device is not available in retail stores, but will be shortly.
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    less attractive data plans
    LOL- boy you are way too nice! I would say ATTWS data plans suck swamp water. Problem is I am a charter member with unlimited talk time for 99 bucks. Hard to give that up. If it wasn't for that I would be at TMO in a heartbeat.
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    You can order the T600 for ATT at the PalmOne web site now.

    In 2 separate browser windows at the PalmOne site, there are 2 different prices. One indicates that the price is the same whether you keep an existing number or get a new service, $499. While the other window indicates $699 vs $399.

    The URLs are the same except for the requestid.

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