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    My gsm t600 is arriving tomorrow, and I'm a new Cingular customer. Has any tried the $3.99 internet plan from cingular (the one that uses your minutes)? Can anyone tell me more about it?

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    It's not GPRS. What it lets you do is use your Treo to make an approximately 19kpbs connection via a modem to an ISP. You'll need to pay the ISP seperately for access; Cingular doesn't provide that service.

    The only reason to go with it over GPRS is price. GPRS is much better:

    1) It's a LOT faster. At least two times, maybe three.

    2) It connects a LOT faster. GPRS takes about three seconds to connect; the other stuff takes as long as a modem (i.e., dial time, modem negotiation, PPP login, etc). 30 seconds isn't unusual.

    3) It's "always on." You connect to GPRS, and you don't disconnect, so you don't even get that 3 second wait most of the time you want to use the net.

    4) The other one ties up your phone. If you're browsing the web and someone calls, they go straight to voicemail. With GPRS, your phone rings. You'll have to stop browsing the web to *answer* it, but that's just a UI detail - you're still connected on GPRS.
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    Originally posted by the_quark
    You'll need to pay the ISP seperately for access; Cingular doesn't provide that service.
    This is incorrect.
    If you choose the standard $3.99 internet plan, this is what Cingular refers to as "Wireless Internet" and your ISP is included. Cingular is the ISP. Although I highly recommend "Wireless Internet Express" (gprs) which will also include "Wireless Internet" for the same reasons mentioned above.
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    Huh. Really? When I had it back before the Treo had GPRS support, I dialed into Mindspring, which I paid for seperately. Perhaps they've changed it, or perhaps I just never got my Cingular info.

    Sorry for the incorrect information.
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    It's always been that way. At least since the first day that Handspring began shipping the 270's. That's when I got mine.
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    ...and while it's slow, it's free for me, since I signed up when Cingular had a free "Wireless Internet" service promotion. So, even though it's slower than GPRS and occupies the line while I am connected, I don't complain because it's free.
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    Last week, I ordered Wireless Internet Express with the Pay as you go plan (no monthly payment), and they also added the regular Wireless Internet plan for free (no $3.99 monthly fee).

    I guess they did it because by default, the Cingular tre600 tries to connect to the GPRS network and if it fails or there is none, it then switches to the ISDN connection.

    Therefore, you can still get it for free using your minutes. HOWEVER, I've been overcharged by doing this. Check my post in this same forum.


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