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    I have decided not to wait for T-Mobile and have ordered a Cingular phone, but will be staying with T-Mobile. My last phone, a treo 270, was stolen. So I do not have information from my old phone to set up T-Mobile GPRS on my Cingular phone once I receive it. Can someone provide some step-by-step instructions on how to set this up so that I can get full data services on my new phone (once it arrives)?


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    Do a search.
    Users are reporting that once they place their TMobile SIM into the Cingular Treo 600, the gprs settings are either appearing on the handset from the SIM, over-the-air or possibly settings already available in the phone possibly already set up for different providers and appear depending on your sim.
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    The GPRS settings are already in the phone. Just put in your T-Mobile SIM and go to the Network Prefs. There will be three locked settings available, T-Mobile Internet, T-Mobile VPN, and T-Zones. Pick the right one for your account and you're done!
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    Sounds pretty simple. Thanks for the tip!

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