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    Is there any way to get insurance on a T600 purchased through Handspring using Cingular as the provider? I called lock\line and the message says they do not cover products by Handspring.

    So if my new $600 phone is lost or damaged, am I up the creek? It seems the $4/month wouldn't cover it.

    Thanks for any info you can provide.

    I searched through the threads to find the answer to this, but didn't find it.

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    Doesn't anyone care about losing/destroying their Cingular T600 without insurance??
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    Originally posted by teiwaz
    Doesn't anyone care about losing/destroying their Cingular T600 without insurance??
    I tried to post a reply earlier but for some reason it did not go through.

    Your'e correct that lock\line will not insure the Treo 600 for Cingular. Apparently that was Cingular's decision, because lock\line does insure the Treo 600 for Sprint PCS. I actually talked to someone at lock\line several weeks ago to confirm this.

    I'm a current Sprint PCS user and was considering either Cingular or T-Mobile. However, the lack of handset insurance for Cingular was reason enough for me not to go with them. I'm planning on signing up with T-Mobile once my phone arrives. T-Mobile uses Asurion for their handset insurance, and several people have confirmed that they will cover the Treo 600 as long as it is used with a T-Mobile SIM card.

    Hope this helps.
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    If you already have a Cingular account with coverage, lock/line will cover your Treo (although they'll cancel your insurance when you're done), despite the message they have on their 1-800 number about not covering them. I know because my 270 broke about three weeks ago. I wanted to get it replaced (to give it to my wife when I got my 600) and handset insuranced it. They said, "We'll cover it," although they had to order it and it took about a week to show up. They also said they'd cancel my coverage now that they knew I had a phone they didn't cover.

    I had insurance on my account from many years ago, gotten before lock/line or (for that matter) Treos. While I can't give a definite quote, I got the feeling that lock/line (at least) realizes that the "we won't cover smartphones" stance isn't going to last forever, although I figure they'll have to up the rates for the more expensive phones. Maybe a two-tier plan is in order; it seems silly to have the people with $50 phones paying the same monthly rate as people with $600 phones, especially when you consider the $600 ones are more complicated and hence probably more likely to break.
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    the_quark, do you own a t600 right now? If so, do you have it insured? Do you think they might have honored your replacement only because you had been paying insurance for many years? I'm new to Cingular, so I'm a little weary to do as you advise.
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    Ian, I'm not advising anyone to *do* anything. What I'm saying is, if you've been a Cingular customer and already had handset insurance (because you bought another handset when you signed up for service in say 1998, as I did), Cingular doesn't know you've purchased the Treo, and keeps billing you $4/mo. If, as I did, the way you find out that they don't cover Treos is when you called lock/line on a claim, don't pay any attention to the message about not covering you - they *will* cover you.

    However, since they know you have a Treo, now, they'll also cancel coverage and not cover the phone, again. I have a Treo 600 right now, and it's uncovered because I submitted a claim on a Treo 270 about a month ago.
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    I bought mine from Cingular, and they did give me insurance. Now I don't know if you call lock/line directly, but it Cingular sold it, then someone has to support it.
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    I also bought my T600 directly from a Cingular Company store last week and they happily sold me insurance on the handset. I may call them back to confirm that it is covered though.

    And by the way, I'm very happy with it so far!
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    Mr. xxxxxxx,

    Please forgive the delay in response, we were experiencing technical difficulties with the e-mail address. To answer your question, no, data/PDA devices are not currently covered under the Wireless Phone Insurance Program. While your Treo product is a wireless communication device, it is considered a data device, of which, are not covered.

    Please let us know if you have further questions.
    Thank you,

    Katy Keleher
    Sr. Account Manager
    lock\line, LLC
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    I called Cingular Customer Service 2-3 weeks ago and told them I purchased a Treo 600 from Handspring and wanted to buy insurance. She got my phone number and identifiying number off the phone and sold me the insurance.
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    I actually originally bought the lockline insurance from Cingular. After that when I was at a cingular store, a more knowledgeable sales rep was reviewing my account and deleted the insurance option. He said that some reps were selling it by mistake but that Cingular was not going to honor it for the 600.

    My guess is that they will let you pay until you try to collect. Then they will not honor the claim, direct you to the fine print and maybe refund yopur premiums

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