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    I have an unlocked Treo 270 and am in the process of switching from AT&T to Cingular.

    The guy at the Cingular store told me there is a way to access the AT&T SIM card and set it to forward all calls to my new number.

    I simply can't figure out what he's talking about and he couldn't find the function on the Treo.

    Anyone have any thoughts?

    Thank you.

    p.s. when i select on SIM Srvcs from the menu, it tells me that it is unable to retrieve the SIM Services menu. Either there are no SIM services provided by your mobile operator.... Maybe AT&T doesn't provide this service?
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    Wouldn't you just use your 270 with ATT Sim, go to the Phone app, Options, Call Preferences, and then forward all calls to your new number?
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    thanks for the suggestion. unfortunately when i try that it says "operation failed"

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    before you do the forwarding first get your network status with the ATT sim card and then forward itand it should work. I do it all the time with Rogers and T-Mobile and when i get operation failed i let it get network status first
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    tried that and it failed. i also tried setting "forward all calls" to off and setting the others (busy, not answered, etc.) to the new number, but it still says "Operation Failed"

    My SIM is *not* locked, I checked that. Don't know what else it could be...

    thank you for your suggestions, though. any other thoughts would be appreciated.
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    is your signal strengh high or low in the area you are in? This could have an effect on it.

    I am going to be doing it tomorrow when I get myTreo 600 so i will let you know if i have any problems.
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    my signal strength doesn't seem to be a problem, but tomorrow i'll try it from some different locations.

    thanks for letting me know when you get a 600!

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    I also have an unlocked 270 with AT&T, it doesn't forward the calls no matter what you do...Well if you figure something out let me know!
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    You will need to have the call forwarding option enabled on your service account prior to using this service. Call into care and see if this is enabled, you may also want to check with charges that may occur with forwarding, better safe then sorry. Also, if you are still unable to forward from the phone, the care agent can set that up for you, or you can access this from the website.

    Hope this helps.

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