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    Playing around with the Treo upgrade page on the handspring site, I've noticed that my T-mobile Treo80 serial number now seems to give me the option of upgrading my treo to a 600 by using the Cingular option. Odd that it doesn't seem to ask me to prolong my plan or anything like that... Anyone tried this?
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    Handspring will most definitely upgrade your phone (with a valid serial) even if you are on a T-Mobile network!

    Follow the upgrade program link, and specify that you will be ordering using your existing service (they assume Cingular). You will get your Cingular T600 for $399 and you'll be able to insert your T-Mobile SIM upon receipt.

    That was the only option for me as I live in Hawaii and we have no cingular service here (I heard a rumour that they will be coming here next year, though). I ordered my Cingular upgrade T600 from HS and am now "awaiting shipment". =)

    As far as we've been able to tell, there aren't any issues with using a T-Mobile SIM in the Cingular branded version of the phone. At least

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