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    I just received my Cingular Treo 600 (yeah!), and most everything upgraded fine from my Treo 180. The only problem is the web connection. Specifically, on my Treo 180 I was not using Cingular's GPRS, only the basic "Wireless Internet" plan which works fine (just checked it again by swapping the SIM card back). However, when I try to connect with the 600 -- it goes though the motions of logging in, then quits back to the browser screen w/out connecting. I've fooled with various settings, read FAQ's, etc., but I fear I might have to upgrade to GPRS once and for all (ref. the unencouraging HS FAQ entry below).

    Does anyone know if I am stuck here?

    UPDATE: the Cingular WWW site suggests both services are still supported:

    (I'm scared to call customer support -- I don't have a free 2 hours right now

    UPDATE 2: I take all back -- I just say down to give it one more try and lo' and behold Blazer worked. However, I did see it quit out again a couple of times in a way that suggested the keyguard/power saver was somehow a culprit. I'll keep fooling with this and report results to this forum.
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