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    I'm on Cingular and was sent my SIM from Handsping a couple of years ago when the 180 B&W Treo shipped.

    My origial SIM is a PAC BELL card (this was the name of Cingular in So.Cal back then) on my old Treo the network came up as "Cingular".

    My new TREO 600 that I bought at a Cingular store now reads "PacBell" when logged onto the Cingular System... And, here I thought the network name was always sent to my phone from the tower...
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    are you still using the same card that came with your t180 or did you get a new one from cingular. i also have an old sim card from my old treo which says pac bell. if you got a new sim card from cingular does it still say pac bell? i am still waiting for my t600.
    morris stalk
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    I am still using my original SIM. I guess I could grab my wife's Cingular Sim and give it a try. I kinda like the Pac Bell thing though, it's kind of RETRO.

    I have tried other pre-paid SIMs from Europe and I have seen AT&T, as well as Cingular.

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