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    Hmmm- I really love the treo, but based on my work contacts and everything I can't switch my phone number (I'm a TMo customer). So basically, I'm waiting for either:

    1) Treo to be released on T-Mobile.


    2) That cell-phone number switching thing to be adopted by Cingular or Sprint.

    This looks like it may be a photo-finish.
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    portability will come first.

    they way t-mo is handling this launch, I would jump to sprint (data plans). Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to get the special price from handspring.

    then again maybe I can get the same thing with a contract.
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    My vote is for the photo finish. Both are rumored to be available as of Nov 24th... but we'll see once that date comes if either of them actually happen.

    Your other option would be to just get the Cingular phone and stick your T-Mobile SIM in it. That way you keep your number and you get the discount sooner than you'll be able to with T-Mobile itself.

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