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    Like so many others, I'm waiting for T-Mobile to be a supported vendor, but I'm wondering: does the upgrade from a 270 to a 600 with a plan from Cingular come with the standard cellphone carrier one-year/$250 contract, or am I free to cancel the Cingular account immediately after receiving the phone? I haven't seen anyone address this topic yet...
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    When you go through the upgrade pages, select the option saying you are upgrading using your current Cingular plan. Nowhere does it require you to agree to a contact. I had the Handspring rep run me through it on the phone.
    It wasn't obvious to me initially.
    Already ordered mine (I have T-Mo service on my (dead) 180) and plan to use my T-Mobile SIM).
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    I am a long time reader, first time participant to this board. I have a question: what is the contractual obligation for treo upgraders on the Handspring site with Cingular... do you still need a contract?

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