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    If you compare phones at this site (by clicking on a few phones "compare" checkbox and clicking the "compare phones" link):

    you might notice that there is a listed call limit of "20 missed, 20.. etc" Is it true that the Treo 600 only logs the latest 20 received, outgoing and missed calls?
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    No its not true. I just checked, and stopped counting at 55 or so, and still had several pages left.

    What I know from the T300 I had, it kept ALL calls that were made until you deleted them.
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    Never trust a carrier's web site or brochure for specs on Treos.

    Orange UK's autumn 2003 brochure states it is Tri-band instead of Quad, does not have a speaker phone (it obviously does), and no downloadable games (not true either).

    I had several pages of call logs on the 270.

    I expect to be able to store 1,000 or so pages of call logs on the 600, and several million pages if you back up to an SD card.

    Not sure when the Treo would be unusable though as several hundred pages would take a while to scroll through.

    I'm at 6000 contacts and its reasonably speedy.

    The old 270 was a bit slow at searching through 6000 contacts.
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