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    Hello, all...

    ...I've been awaiting the release of the TMo GSM T600, which will be my first (gasp) mobile phone. I've decided I want to go GSM, and have heard the best things about TMo as a provider (of the three primary options that will be available), but was surprised to discover while recently poking around on Handspring's (sorry, pa1m One's) website to discover that plugging in my zip - 06518 - only yielded me the option of a Sprint plan - Cingular apparently not an option in my area as a T600 provider!!!

    I have checked the T-Mobile website for coverage summaries, but would like to hear from any CT/TMo Treo users who can give me some feedback on coverage, esp. in the New Haven area...

    ...any joy for me...?!?
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    The TMobile coverage in CT, when I lived there, was great. Being CT though, the coverage has holes in some of the more exclusive areas in Fairfield County, but thats true for all wireless providers.

    You'll have largely no problems along the i-95 corridor, though maybe deeper instate they'll be some gaps. Driving through on the Merritt Parkway this summer, I always had signal.

    Hope that helps!
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    it does, chris - thank you!!!
    'relax. i'm not really like this - except when i am.'
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    Ditto. I'm in Hamden, and have been using Tmo's Color Sidekick (CSK) since June. That device has a lousy radio, but even so, I get pretty much straight full strength signal, even indoors. On various occasions, I've made it a point to check both the CSK and my Verizon Samsung phone-- signals are pretty comparable in the general New Haven area-- even stronger around the Yale area. Both weird out a bit in North Haven (around the strips with the Barnes & Noble bookstore and further down by Circuit City), but that's the only real "consistent" hassle spot I've noticed.

    All seems to be fine along the majority of the I95 route between here and D.C., with just quicky "Ugh!" spots as you drive thru certain areas. All in all, it's smooth sailing. Oh-- oddly, I've seen hassles with Cingular phones at the Garden State Plaza, but not with Tmo or Verizon. (May have been the phone as opposed to the carrier.)

    Suggestion: give "Damon" a call at the Tmo store in Orange on Boston Post Rd (a block or so below CompUSA, toward New Haven with Milford at your back-- same side of street as CompUSA). Tell him what you want to get, and ask him to buzz or email you when the device is in. That way, you can keep an eye on the Net, knowing your back is covered if the Treo 600 lands in a nearby store sooner than expected. You can tell him that Pam passed on his name via this board.

    Bottom-line: I've experienced quality issues with the CSK itself, which has coerced me into calling Tmo more than I ever imagined. I've found their service, and attitude, to be top-notch, on a consistent basis.

    twiningivythree, feel free to send me a private message here if other CT-related, etc Qs pop up. (Note: Cingular appears to be rolling out in NYC first, which is why our zip codes roll over to Sprint on the Handspring website. Personally, I don't consider Sprint as a viable option, as they persist with serious billing and customer service issues nationwide. Cingular seems realtively ok, but they can't match Tmo's generous Net/data plans-- and that's even before number portability kicks in.. Hang in, my friend. I suspect we'll be hitting paydirt sometime right around Thanksgiving.)

    (Lawd, help me to grow patience, puh-lease!!!)
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    Hello fellow CT residents.
    Tmobile is working fine for me in Meriden.
    Haven't had a chance to test out the service in the New Haven area yet. Way back when I used to stomp around New Haven, I didn't have T-Mobile service.
    TMobile is also working great for me between Meriden and going north towards Hartford area. Although I do hit one small spot on 91 between Meriden and Cromwell exits where my service gets bad or totally cuts off. It's weird because it only last for like a quarter mile. But other than that, it's been great.

    I've been calling around to some Cingular stores to see if any of them have it in stock. Only positive answer I received was from a store in Wallingford who said sometime next week.
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    To be honest, I was still mostly a Verizon customer at the same time I was Tmobile before i moved, so maybe my memory is a little hazy. I don't remember having any problems with my Moto TriBand GSM, besides the obvious (Darian, New Cannan(sp? been awhile..)). Ahh, lower Fairfield county, the great "signal sink hole" as the Verizon store in Norwalk used to call it.

    Its easy to forget, now I'm here in the midwest, where there's no hills or trees, or any topographical obstructions for that matter. Signal's almost always great.

    I suppose even New Canan is letting the cell phone companies build towers on their precious land, so maybe things have improved.
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