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    I have my T600 on order to replace my Sprint T300, but am thinking of switching my order to a GSM version on TMobile.

    Can any one tell me how TMo coverage is along the 680 corridor from Walnut Creek to San Jose? GSM makes more sense with the Treo, but I don't want to go from bad to worse. I've heard about people not being able to place or receive calls for hours due to overloaded network...Is it true, or just their phones?

    Also, anybody with TMo travel a lot? I bounce from airport to airport, and am wondering how their service is at major airports around the country...
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    Hey Yelofelo,

    I can't comment on the SF area, but about the airports I have some experience with T-mobile. I've been hitting most of the major US airports (probably been in 30 states or so), some in Canada, and some in Europe for the last 1.5 years with my T180. It has been all around good except for Cleveland of all places, which for some strange reason has ZERO coverage outside the 4 walls of the terminal (as of about 4 months ago anyway). T-mo seems to also have most of the Interstate highways and turnpikes covered too.

    Hope this helps,
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    Thanks for the info Clatu. Very helpful. Now I just need to decide if its cool to go with the Cingular version T600 & use it on T-mobile, or wait for the "official" TMo version.
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    Thanks from me also, Clatu, I was wondering about the airport situation...

    But to answer the thread:

    I just got a T270 on T-mobile (free after rebates from and new service activation) to test out the coverage since my T300 with Sprint gets lousy reception at my house in Discovery Bay. I've been carrying both units with me for about 2 weeks.

    So far I've been very pleased with the reception all around the East Bay:

    Drove I-680 from Blackhawk to Mission to I-880 to San Jose last night with no problems. The 101 corridor from Atherton to the City looked fine. I-580 from I-880 to Livermore, then Vasco Road north to Discovery Bay has been good.

    Best of all, T-mobile reception at my HOUSE and on the GOLF COURSE is much better than with Sprint!

    I've ordered the Cingular T600 on Handspring's upgrade plan which I'll try to use with the T-Mo SIM. Saw a listing on eBay where the seller was offering (via a preorder) your choice of Cingular T600 unlocked, AT&T locked, T-Mobile LOCKED, or Generic unlocked (in that order of delivery dates, too) and that made me decide to get the Cingular unit ...
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    Ozone, I'm right by Blackhawk, and drive the same roads so this is great info.

    I made the same call- I parted with my Treo 300, and have 2 Cingular 600 on order for my wife and I. I'll probably pick up a couple popular t-mobile phones for free on amazon to go with our new Tmobile service, and then sell them on eBay to help fund the new T600s.

    Thanks again for the info!
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    That's good to know there's decent coverage in SF with T-Mobile. I wonder how it compares with AT&T, who has roaming agreements with Cingular?

    Anyone who has tried both care to share?

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    Just got my Cingular-branded T600, slapped the SIM card from the T270 into it, and everything works like a charm!

    Especially nice to see is the MUCH improved speed of GPRS --- don't know how much is due to the faster processor speed, the new browser, or the fact that the T600 uses more channels for GPRS than the T270... but the bottom line is that web pages load (subjectively) at least 2x faster.

    Signal strength shows more bars on the T600 than the T270 and so far reception has been great around Disco Bay...

    Some hints for those upgrading from a T270 via HotSync:

    - If you are using TreoButton on your T270, remove it before doing your final T270 HotSync, and then go to the Backup folder under your username and remove any TreoButton files... Trying to remove TreoButton from the T600 after it was installed resulted in a looping soft reset and I had to hard reset the T600...

    - If you have a lot of Speed Dial entries on your T270 and like the order they are in, manually delete the default Favorites on the T600 BEFORE doing the first HotSync or else the default entries will cause all your old Speed Dial entries to change position...

    If I see anything else worth noting, I'll post it...
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